How to become a supplier

We use Achilles JQS as a qualification service. This is an EU-approved joint qualification system and supplier register for the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sectors.

For procurement above the threshold set in the regulation on utilities procurement (Forsyningsforskriften), the supplier/contractor must be registered in and approved by Achilles JQS.  

Contact information for Achilles JQS:

Achilles Information Centre AS
Achilles Systems AS (Arendal)
Vikaveien 31
P O Box 1656 Stoa NO-4817 HIS Norway

Tel: +47 37 06 35 00 Fax: +47 37 06 35 01
E-mail:  Information about Achilles JQS can be found on its website at

Qualification by and registration in Achilles JQS will make it possible to be considered as a supplier both by us and by other operator companies affiliated with the qualification service. Procurement by Norway’s petroleum industry adds up to many billions of Norwegian kroner every year.

Level 1: Prequalification To be qualified by/registered in Achilles JQS as a supplier (level 1), the supplier must complete a questionnaires and self-declaration, and satisfy certain qualification requirements. 

- The company must be a legally registered enterprise (certificate of registration). 
- The company must be up-to-date with its tax payments and not be involved in debt negotiations or placed under administration (auditor’s certificate) 
- The company must have complied with applicable national regulations for presenting its directors’ report/financial statements for the most recent year (auditor’s certificate) 
-  The company must have (or be planning to introduce) a quality management system (self-declaration) 
- The company must have (or be planning to introduce) an HSE management system (self-declaration) 
- The company may respond to questions related to corporate responsibility (CR)

Level 2: Our qualification
We set internal requirements for an expanded prequalification related to products/services which represent a potential risk factor or are otherwise business-critical for us.

Level 2 qualification is coordinated by a team established for the procurement, which comprises both commercial and technical expertise. Its typical content will be as follows.

1. Commercial and financial considerations Evaluation will involve an amplification of the information provided at level 1. Analyse development of financial conditions and commercial trends concerning the ability to execute the specific assignment. Demonstrate how an order will be handled, which production units will be utilised and so forth.

2. Technical assessment The supplier must demonstrate that it possesses technical expertise and experience, and present its typical solutions related to the project/assignment covered by the qualification. Ability and qualifications to execute the assignment, including such areas as design, production, testing and commissioning. We require experience in product areas and references from projects in recent years. In addition, we obtain typical information about the number of personnel with experience in the product area, production equipment and capacity, test facilities and procedures, subcontractors, storage and transport, planning and IT support for reporting and documentation, and service and spare parts.

3. Quality management system/HSE Level 2 sets specific requirements for a health, safety and environmental policy and a quality management system corresponding to ISO 9001.

4. Ethical guidelines for suppliers/contractors We have established ethical guidelines for suppliers. These specify sanctions for breaches of the guidelines and form part of the contractual documentation binding on the supplier. The supplier is required to accept these.