With effect from 1 January 2003, virtually all of Norway's gas transport systems were integrated in a major new joint venture called Gassled.

Gassled is a joint venture established on 1 January 2003, it has no employees and is organised through various committees with specific assignments.

This partnership serves as the formal owner of the majority of the Norwegian gas transport infrastructure.

See Gassled tariff areas

The creation of Gassled, with its associated commercial changes, represents one of the most far-reaching changes to Norway’s gas business in recent times.

Gassled's owners  

Petoro AS*   46.697 %
Solveig Gas Norway AS  25.553 %
CapeOmega  16.322 %
Silex Gas Norway AS 6.428 %
Equinor AS 5.000 %

 * Petoro serves as the licensee for the Norwegian state's direct financial interest (SDFI) in petroleum activities.

Last update: 02.01.2019