Organisation and management

Gassco has a functionally-structured line organisation, supplemented by certain staff and support services. It has about 350 employees.

Frode Leversund, president and CEO, has overall responsibility for all the units in Gassco.


System operation 
This unit is responsible for planning, monitoring, coordinating, managing and following up product flows from the fields and through the integrated gas transport system to the receiving terminals. It is also responsible for the operation and development of IT systems. Head: Kristin Kinn Kaste.


Asset management
This unit is responsible for operation and maintenance of the entire Norwegian gas transport network, and for managing the interface with the owners of this system. Norway’s gas transport system comprises the Kårstø and Kollsnes processing plants, 8 000 kilometres of pipeline, four platforms, and receiving terminals in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK. Its work is based on extensive support from other Gassco units and from external suppliers, with Statoil as the largest. Head: Jonathan Alcock.


Development and innovation
This unit is responsible for development of the Norwegian gas transport system. It works closely with the companies on the Norwegian continental shelf, the government and other players. Its work on the transport plan and area studies identifies requirements for further development and for establishing specific studies and projects.  In addition, the unit is responsible for developing and executing projects with and without a technical service provider (TSP). Other responsibilities include commercial agreements, negotiations, legal advice and procurement. The unit is also in charge of the company’s research and development (R&D) portfolio. Head: Øystein H Rossebø.


Safety and quality
This unit is responsible for operation and follow-up of the management system for health, safety, the environment and quality. That covers risk management, security, emergency preparedness and information management, as well as Gassco’s total supervisory activity (internal/external) and government relations. Head: Randi I. Viksund.


Finance and improvement processes
This unit is responsible for preparing performance indicators, budgeting, accounting, handling receipts and payments, and reporting for Gassco AS and the joint ventures where Gassco is the operator. It is also responsible for corporate strategies and improvement processes. The unit will be the prime mover in ensuring that the company manoeuvres in accordance with approved strategies, goals and management principles. Head: Inghild Storesund.


HR and communication
This unit is responsible for work in the human resources and communication areas as well as for office premises and property. It is also in charge of preparing the company’s information policy and handles the press spokesperson function for the company, as well as internal information and promotion. Head: Alfred Skår Hansen