Employees in Gassco

We are constantly looking for new recruits, both recent graduates and experienced personnel. Read more here about the background of typical employees and what working for us is like.

June Kristin Lindtveit, department engineer
– I’ve a background as a process engineer at Aibel, and took my MSc in offshore and industrial technology and operational management at the University of Stavanger. My duties at Gassco are related to continued development of the gas transport network and the receiving terminals in continental Europe and the UK. I have a very interesting working day, and make frequent use of process simulation tools.

Gunnar Lervåg, operations manager for Kollsnes
– I studied mechanical engineering subjects at the Bergen College of Engineering, and went on to work with process plant design at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in Trondheim. After joining Statoil at Mongstad as a project engineer, I went on to various management posts in operations, maintenance and modification projects there and later at Kårstø. I joined Gassco in 2010 from a job as chief engineer at Statoil in Forus, and am currently responsible for operations at the Kollsnes plant.

Odd Even Jakobsen, project manager
– I opted to take an MSc in offshore technology at the University of Stavanger, and started as a project engineer at Offshore & Marine AS before holding management jobs in Plugging Specialists International ASA. After four years with T D Williamson Offshore Services AS, ending as global operations and service manager, I joined Gassco and work now on architect studies of future gas transport routes. We’re entering a highly interesting period, which also involves studying transport solutions for oil.

Elisabeth Alne Hendriks, department engineer
– I joined Gassco after graduating in 2008 with an MSc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, studying heating and energy processes. My work here covers system analyses of the transport network. That involves analysing information from gas producers on the Norwegian continental shelf to identify capacity requirements and challenges related to gas quality.

Karl Øyvind Gjertsen, engineer
– After completing my education as a motorman at Solstad Shipping, I opted to take a BSc in process and energy technology at the Stord/Haugesund University College (HSH). I joined Gassco after two years as a process engineer with Aibel in Haugesund, and work in the control room where we coordinate and monitor both quality and volume for all gas transport in the North Sea. My working days are very interesting, and no two are the same.