Student assignments

We are open to assisting students who want to write in-depth dissertations/theses related to our operations.

Assignments given priority in such a context will generally be technically oriented and related to our areas of activity. We will primarily give consideration to work at MSc level.

All enquiries about writing such dissertations/theses must be submitted by e-mail to Only applications sent to this address will be considered.

The following criteria will be applied when we consider requests.
- The student must state which academic institution they attend and which field of study/combination of subjects they have chosen/are pursuing.
- An adviser must be in place from the academic institution, and this person must basically be student’s main adviser.
- The student must specify a relevant topic which would be desirable to follow up through a dissertation/thesis.
- The student must explain why they feel this should be of interest to a company like ours.
- The student must submit a timetable they envisage for carrying out for the assignment.
- As far as possible, it also would be desirable for the student to indicate how much assistance they envisage receiving from Gassco.
- Name, address and point of contact for the student.

Please note that our consideration can take some time. However, all application will receive a response.