Study requests

Are you studying an activity that interfaces with our operation?

As a system operator, Gassco is responsible for maintaining and further develop the upstream gas infrastructure associated facilities. Gassco works to achieve holistic and competitive transport and processing solutions for the petroleum industry, cf. Section 66A of the Norwegian Petroleum Regulations.

Project commissioning is mainly based on the need for new solutions from users (owners of gas from existing or new fields).

Gassco also has a responsibility to receive and study inquiries from other stakeholders who wish to engage in activities with interfaces to the Norwegian gas infrastructure.

This may, for example, be the desire to use waste heat from the processing plants, connection and use of gas for industrial use etc, i.e. activities with interface to Gassco operated facilities.

Such inquiries can be sent to Gassco by filling out the form below. Gassco will contact you to discuss the inquiry and jointly discuss a way forward.

Please note that study costs will be covered by the stakeholder.