From replacement to repair

At the metering station in St Fergus, Scotland.  Ingolf Fra Holmslet and Geir Hoff.

At the metering station in St Fergus, Scotland. Ingolf Fra Holmslet, Klyde consulting and Geir Hoff, Gassco.

All valves at the metering station in St Fergus have been repaired without the need for a shutdown. This maintenance work was carried out in a safe and cost-effective way.

“We have thereby verified a new method for repairing valves while in service,” says Trond Nordal, vice president for gas terminals at Gassco.

“A new line of products, combined with a high level of expertise with valves, was required to develop this new, effective and purposeful repair method. It definitely represents an important breakthrough.”

Twelve out of the 12 valves involved were successfully repaired in just one week without any health, safety or environmental incidents.

The products used are gel-based, and spread through the lubrication channels to the entire seat and ball surfaces. Klyde Consultant, a valve maintenance and consultancy company, has been an important partner during the project.

Without this method, the valves would have had to be sent to a workshop for repair. Another option considered was to build a new metering station with new valves at an estimated cost of NOK 100 million.

“This is a solution for the future,” says Nordal. “Many of the valves would normally require expensive repair or replacement, but this method takes us from valve replacement to valve repair – while remaining in service.”