Gassco makes leadership changes

Gasscos new leadership

Standing, from the left: Ingolf Voll, Øystein Rossebø, Inghild Storesund and Jonathan Alcock. Sitteng: Randi Viksund, Frode Leversund and Kristin Kinn Kaste.

New management team takes over on 29 March.

Gassco’s new management team includes Øystein Rossebø, responsible for development and innovation, and Inghild Storesund, head of finance and improvement processes. In addition, Randi Viksund is in charge of safety and quality, Kristin Kinn Kaste heads system operation, Jonathan Alcock is responsible for asset management and Ingolf Voll heads HR and communication.

 “I have great expectations for this new management team, and believe we have found a good balance between renewal and continuity,” says Gassco CEO Frode Leversund.

 “I’m confident that the team will be able to think long-term and in an integrated manner, and thereby ensure that we’re well-equipped for the future.”