Changes to gas reporting

Gassco will now be providing more and better information about capacity in the event of incidents and nominations related to the transport of Norwegian gas.

“We’ve pursued a process with the users of the gas transport system in order to come up with good solutions which provide precise information and are also consistent with reporting by other companies in Europe,” explains Morten Carlsen, who has headed the work. 

Gassco will continue to publish all reductions related to planned and unplanned incidents which exceed five million standard cubic metres of gas. 

The new feature is that information on technical, available and unavailable capacity in the gas transport system will also be published.

So will details of the nominations for the pipeline terminals in Europe, replacing today’s information on physical gas deliveries.

All information will also be made available in a standardised downloadable xml format.  These changes come into force on 1 December 2020.

From the same day, will be replaced by  

For more information, see Principles for publication on