Getting down and dirty with VR

Getting down and dirty with VR

Gassco-employee Håkon Hilmar Ferkingstad is helping a pupil with VR glasses. (Picture: KarmøyNytt)

Pupils in their second year at Kopervik upper secondary school can look forward to an exciting spring of testing out 360-degree film and photographs, in close collaboration with Gassco.

The youngsters will be getting in direct touch with local industry and presenting how virtual reality (VR) technology can be used in such areas as inspection and mapping.

“This is innovation in practice,” affirms Gudmundur Kristjansson, R&D manager at Gassco, whose head office is close to the Kopervik school.

“Technology and research pupils will have the opportunity to become familiar with the latest technological developments in real work conditions.

“At the same time, our horizons at Gassco will be expanded and we’ll learn more about new areas of application in this field.”

The pupils were given the assignment on 13 February and tested VR glasses. Their next milestone is to produce a company report on possible applications for VR and 360-degree film/photos.

Finally, a joint presentation will be given where all the nine groups involved and the relevant companies meet to display the results.

Gassco is making the required hardware available and will act as a door-opener to the real requirements of industry.

“Kopervik upper secondary school got in touch with us on the basis of our existing good collaboration over the annual Gassco Challenge innovation contest,” explains Kristjansson.

“This is staged in cooperation with a number of local upper secondary schools. It’s inspiring to see that we’re associated with forward-looking solutions. Mutually fruitful collaboration is worth its weight in gold.”

Pupils testing VR. (only in Norwegian)