Increased reporting on gas flow

More details on planned maintenance, unplanned incidents and the flow of gas in and out of the transport system will be given by Gassco from 4 April to provide more coordinated information.

“We want to enhance what we report about the Norwegian gas transport system,” explains Kristin Kinn Kaste, executive vice president for system operation at Gassco.  

“Among other steps, we’ll be lowering the threshold for providing information about transport reductions related to planned maintenance.  “Furthermore, the initial notification of incidents will be brought forward so that the general public is informed at the same as the gas sellers.”  

The threshold for reporting planned incidents on is being lowered from 20 to five million standard cubic metres of gas per day. This limit also applies for notifying unplanned incidents.

In addition to providing information on gas flow out of the system, Gassco will now be giving details about gas flowing in as well. That will indicate the balance in the transport system. However, the balance can vary without affecting daily deliveries to customers. This could be caused, for example, by planned variations in rates over a day from fields and at delivery points.  

“We’ve had a good process with users of the transport system to identify solutions which ensure greater openness and more coordinated information about system operation,” says Kaste.

See introduction to the changes and the new principles for more information.