Operator for Polarled

Operator for Polarled

Frode Leversund (CEO Gassco), Grete Birgitte Haaland (Statoil) and Håkon Ivarjord (Statoil, project managager Polarled). (Photo: Statoil).

Gassco has taken over the operatorship of the Polarled pipeline built to carry gas initially from the Aasta Hansteen field in the Norwegian Sea to the Nyhamna process plant.

“This pipeline opens a completely new province for supplying Norwegian natural gas to the markets in continental Europe and the UK,” says Gassco CEO Frode Leversund.

 “In that way, it will strengthen Norway’s position as a reliable and long-term energy supplier.”

 Development operator Statoil transferred the operatorship for Polarled Joint Venture to Gassco on 1 May. From this date Gassco is responsible for the Polarled pipeline and to follow up Nyhamna Expansion Project on behalf of Polarled Joint venture.

 Running for 482 kilometres, this is the first offshore pipeline to cross the Arctic Circle.  The pipeline has a diameter of 36 inches and is designed for a transport capacity for gas of about 70 million cubic metres per day.  

Construction of the facility began off Nyhamna in western Norway during March 2015, and the final section was laid to Aasta Hansteen in September of the same year.

 The existing Langeled pipeline runs from Nyhamna to the UK via the Sleipner hub, which is also connected to the transport system exporting Norwegian gas to continental Europe.  

Polarled has six tie-in points for new discoveries, with Dvalin set to be the second field after Aasta Hansteen to utilise the pipeline.

 (Foto: Eva Sleire/Statoil).