Vestprosess and Kollsnes shut down

A collision between the frigate Helge Ingstad and the tanker TS Sola off the Sture terminal near Bergen in western Norway has led to the closure of the Vestprosess pipeline and Kollsnes gas processing plant.

Operator Gassco was alerted to the incident at 07.53 on Thursday 8 November. The company is in dialogue with the authorities and has mobilised emergency response resources.

The condensate pipeline Vestprosess runs from Kollsnes to the Mongstad refinery via Sture. As a result of shutting down the pipeline, the Kollsnes plant also had to cease operation.

This incident will mean reduced gas deliveries to continental Europe. Gassco is now working to minimise the consequences for companies exporting Norwegian gas and European recipients.

The company optimises gas transport by exploiting the flexibility in the integrated network.

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Gassco’s spokespersons are Randi Viksund (+47 415 11 302) and Lisbet Kallevik (+47 992 54 682).

 Gassco is operator for both Vestprosess and the Kollsnes processing plant. Equinor provides technical services for both these facilities.