Capacity booking and reports

Gassco booking system is a secure web-enabled solution used for buying and selling capacity in the Norwegian gas transport system.

To access Gassco booking system and get credentials you need to be an authorised shipper. Authorised shippers are companies with a duly substantiated need to transport gas from the Norwegian contintental shelf.

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Gassco booking system allows shippers to:

- Book capacity in the primary market (day, short, medium and long term)
- Check their own bookings for any day at any time.
- Sell and buy their own capacity in the secondary market (day, short, medium and long terms), with deals closed in the market-place automatically confirmed by the TSO, and shown in the overview of the shipper's own bookings
- Compare their own nominations with bookings
- Check capacity positiion for any day (spare capacity, restrictions)
- Check their own capacity
- Rebook capacity between points when spare capacity is available

All bookings (both primary and secondary) are subject to standardised agreements (terms and conditions/standard agreement for the secondary market).

Distribution of reports
Gassco Reports (GREP) is a secure web-enabled solution where authorised users can download reports. The reporting includes transported volumes through the transport system and forecasts for shipment planning. Typical users of the system are shippers and operators.
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