Control room and system operations

Gassco is resposible for an extensive gas transport system.

These activities are run from the control centre at the company’s head office, which lies at Bygnes in Karmøy local authority north of Stavanger.

The main duties are to manage the gas flow through constant monitoring, regulate quality and ensure that the gas blend is correct. Since the various fields deliver different gas grades, these must be processed or mixed to achieve the desired quality before delivery to the buyer. Such blending allows us to deliver gas with the agreed composition virtually all the time.

The control room is also involved in planning short-term shutdowns which supplement major scheduled turnarounds.

The system operation  department is responsible for work related to planning, monitoring, coordinating, managing and following up product flows from the fields and through the integrated transport network to the gas receiving terminals. 

Round-the-clock operation at the TCC (Transport control centre)
The TCC coordinates utilisation of the transport system in an optimum manner. This means that, in accordance with guidelines, it instructs the fields which installations are to deliver gas and the quantities to be delivered.

The process can be divided into four components: planning, coordinating, control and monitoring. The control room works round the clock and depends on the availability of good ICT tools to perform its daily functions

The operation and shipment planning unit is responsible for planning and shipping   NGL from the Kårstø processing plant.  

The measurement and control unit is responsible for the fiscal metering processes, and serves the whole of Gassco for these functions.