Gjøa Gas Pipe

The Gjøa Gas Pipe runs from the Gjøa semisubmersible platform in the North Sea to a subsea tie-in point close to the Brent field in the UK.

Rich gas from the Gjøa and Vega field is carried in a dedicated 131-kilometre pipeline tied into the Flags transport system on the UK continental shelf, which transports the gas to St Fergus in Scotland.

The Gjøa gas pipeline became part of the Gassled joint venture on 1 June 2010.

From: Gjøa field
To: Transport system FLAGS
Length: 131 km
Diameter: 28”
Available technical capacity (ATC)*: 17 MSm3/d
Operator: Gassco
Gassled: Area I

* ATC (Available Technical Capacity) is rounded to the nearest whole number [MSm³/d]. The actual transport capacity, available for potential users of these pipelines, could be influenced by pressure dependencies between different pipelines, temperature, gas quality, operational constraints etc.