Running for 1 166 kilometres, Langeled ranks as one of the world’s longest underwater gas pipelines. It has been constructed to carry gas from the Ormen Lange field in the Norwegian Sea.

Starting in mid-Norway
The system starts from the processing plant at Nyhamna on the mid-Norwegian coast. Its 42-inch northern leg carries gas to the Sleipner East field in the North Sea.

This part of the system became operational on 1 October 2007.

Langeled is integrated with Norway’s existing gas pipeline system at Sleipner East. Gas can also be blended here to ensure the right quality, with exports allocated between the UK and continental Europe as required.

Receiving terminal
The southern leg of Langeled is a 44-inch pipeline from the Sleipner East hub to the receiving terminal at Easington on the English east coast.

After arriving at the terminal, the gas is regulated to the correct pressureand temperature before being passed to the downstream transportoperator.

This part of the system became operational on 1 June 2006.

Versatile transport solution
While Britain is the primary market for Ormen Lange gas, supplies can also be delivered to continental Europe via the Sleipner Riser platform and Gassled’s existing transport network.

This solution also provides opportunities for piping other gas from the Norwegian continental shelf via Sleipner East to the UK. Norske Shell is production operator for Ormen Lange, including the land terminal at Nyhamna. Gassco is operator for Langeled and the Easington terminal.

From: Nyhamna
To: Easington, UK
Length: 1166 km
Diameter: 42"/44"
Technical available capacity (ATC)*: 75/72 MSm3/d
Technical Service Provider (TSP): Equinor
Operator: Gassco
Gassled: Area D

* ATC (Available Technical Capacity) is rounded to the nearest whole number [MSm³/d]. The actual transport capacity, available for potential users of these pipelines, could be influenced by pressure dependencies between different pipelines, temperature, gas quality, operational constraints etc.