Statpipe Dry Gas

The Statpipe dry gas pipelines became operational in 1985 and previously belonged to the Statpipe joint venture.

One leg runs over land and through three submarine tunnels from Kårstø to Kalstø, through a concrete culvert in the shore zone and on to the Draupner S platform in the North Sea. This line is 228 kilometres long and has a diameter of 28 inches.

With a diameter of 36 inches, the second leg in the system runs for 155 kilometres from the Heimdal platform in the North Sea to Draupner S. A third section, also with an internal diameter of 36 inches, continues for 213 kilometres from Draupner S to the Ekofisk complex further south.

When this part of the system opened in 1985, it terminated at the Ekofisk 2/4-S riser platform. The latter has since been removed.

A bypass was laid in the summer of 1998 to take the Statpipe system around the Ekofisk complex.

Part I

From: Kårstø
To: Draupner S
Length: 228 km
Diameter: 28"
Available technical capacity (ATC)*: 21 MSm3/d
Technical Service Provider (TSP): Statoil
Operator: Gassco
Gassled: Area D

Part II

To: Draupner S
Length: 155 km
Diameter: 36"
Available technical capacity (ATC)*: 31 MSm3/d
Technical Service Provider (TSP): Statoil
Operator: Gassco
Gassled: Area D

* ATC (Available Technical Capacity) is rounded to the nearest whole number [MSm³/d]. The actual transport capacity, available for potential users of these pipelines, could be influenced by pressure dependencies between different pipelines, temperature, gas quality, operational constraints etc.