Tampen Link

The Tampen Link gas pipeline is connecting the Norwegian gas transport system to the British system.

Running for 23 kilometres, the line increases Norway’s ability to export gas from its continental shelf.

Gassco is operator for Tampen Link, which was incorporated in the company’s integrated network on the 1th of September 2007.

From: Statfjord
To: Flags
Length: 23 km
Diameter: 32"
Available technical capacity (ATC)*: 10-27 MSm3/d
Technical Service Provider (TSP): Equinor
Operatør: Gassco
Gassled: Area F

* ATC (Available Technical Capacity) is rounded to the nearest whole number [MSm³/d]. The actual transport capacity, available for potential users of these pipelines, could be influenced by pressure dependencies between different pipelines, temperature, gas quality, operational constraints etc.