Kollsnes gas processing plant

The gas processing plant at Kollsnes forms part of the Troll Gas development, and became operational on 1 October 1996.

The processing capacity at Kollsnes has been increased several times since the facility became operational. Today the daily processing capacity is up to 143 million scm of gas and 69 000 barrels of NGL, piped in from the Troll, Kvitebjørn and Visund fields.

The increased capacity at Kollsnes is a result of several considerable investments. In 2004 a new NGL extraction plant started up, in 2005 a new compressor was installed on the Troll A platform and in 2006 a sixth export compressor became operational at Kollsnes.

The treatment process at Kollsnes involves separating out the NGL, and compressing the dry gas for export via Statpipe, Zeepipe, Europipe I and Franpipe.

The Vestprosess system ties Kollsnes to the oil refinery at Mongstad with a pipeline for NGL. Gas has been delivered from the Troll processing plant to the nearby Kollsnes Industry Park since 1999.

Kollsnes runs on electricity from the public grid.

Technical Service Provider (TSP): Equinor