Kalstø robustness project (KaRP)

The KaRP will ensure safe and reliable operation of this landfall facility for gas pipelines over several decades to come.

Work on the Kalstø site began in September 2014, with extensive maintenance and upgrading activities due to be pursued there over a three-year period. After almost 30 years of operation, the landfall is being given a total refurbishment to deal with the aging of its facilities.

An important milestone is a planned maintenance shutdown at Kårstø and Kalstø in 2016, when upgraded systems are due to be phased in.

The scope of work can be divided into three main groups of activities:

 Electrical and instrumentation upgrades
Complete replacement of electrical and instrumentation systems at Kalstø, including a new local electrical control room.

Mechanical work
Removal of the existing Statpipe rich gas pigging facility, and replacement of emergency shutdown (ESD) valves on the Statpipe rich gas line.

Demolition/removal of unnecessary equipment
Removal of outdated equipment, including the existing iron sulphide separator.

 The KaRP is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2017.

Last updated: 09.09.2013