Goal: Zero harm to people and the environment.

Gassco has established goals for health, safety, the environment and quality (HSE&Q). These are based on best practice in the petroleum industry, and build on the zero mindset. 

The latter is a conviction that all undesirable events can be avoided through preventive HSE&Q efforts. Gassco’s aim is zero harm to people, the environment and material assets, and the objective of zero non-conformances will be basic to its business.

HMS&Q results for 4.23 million work-hours in 2016.

  Goal 2016 Result
Total recordable injuries  0  11
Lost-time injuries  0  7
Fires  0  0
Gas leaks  0  2

Gassco observes specified emission limits.

  Component Emissions in 2014
To the air NOx 841.7 tonnes
  CO2 1 290 kilotonnes
  Flaring for safety reasons 24.72 kilotonnes
To water Oil 171 kg
  Total organic carbon (TOC) 5493 kg
 To the soil Accidental discharges oil/chemical 1530 litres


Regularity*1: 99.71 %
Quality*2: 99.98 %

* 1 Regularity:

Regularity is measured as the volume delivered from the transport system (Gassled area D) in relation to shipper orders.

* 2 Quality:
Quality standards are specified in Gassled’s terms and conditions, and are measured in relation to the gas quality delivered from the transport system (Gassled area D).